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We have newly revamped computer labs at both Northstar and Raleigh. Taking the place of the previous lab space with its 30 desktop computers we have the STEAM Lab (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) at Northstar and the Innovation Studio at Raleigh. In each of these labs we have added iMac computers for our multi-media technology focus. Students will be able to film, edit, produce and publish videos as an authentic product of their learning. In addition to these computers we have added 10 ipads for students to use for multimedia projects, group projects, small group instruction, and independent learning. To round out the multimedia focus, there are sets of higher end digital cameras for photography and video capture as well as 55 inch flat panel monitors for displaying and presenting. Students will also have access to Chromebooks for creating documents, emailing, learning about spreadsheets, creating presentations, designing web pages, and more. Our goal was to put 21st Century learning tools into the hands of the students so that they can use them to develop the 21st Century skills of Communication, Creativity, Critical Thinking, and Collaboration that are so key for their future.

At Raleigh, Mr. Uselman and Ms. Vatne are piloting a Lego WEDo STEM curriculum in which students are engaged in a STEM driven curriculum using Lego kits. They will be learning about computer programming, the engineering process, motors, gears, belts, sensors, measuring, data collecting, variables, and much more.

At Northstar 3rd grade classes will each have a quarter of the Lego WEDo STEM curriculum. The 5th graders will each spend a quarter learning about Simple and Motorized Machines through a different Lego Curriculum. They will start out building simple machines, move to simple mechanisms, then take those skills and use them to build different machines that will accomplish specific tasks or solve certain problems.

For our older students at Northstar, we have included an HP Sprout Computer which can handle 3D image capture and creation. We paired this with a 3D printer so that students can then print out their creations.

Coming soon will be a LittleBits electrical tinkering, engineering, prototyping set. Students will be able to learn about electrical principals ranging from simple circuits to industry level prototyping.

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Our Authorizer

Innovative Quality Schools (IQS) has been our authorizer since May 1, 2012. IQS is a leader in authorizing innovative Minnesota charter schools. They have been authorizing since 2010 and today authorize over twenty charter schools. Stephen O’Conner is our IQS contact. His phone number is 651-234-0900. Email address is


Last year, the DPSA Board’s Personnel Committee established the Golden Feather Award. This award is to recognize the hard work and dedication of the men and women that make our schools special. Parents and guardians were asked to nominate a teacher, paraprofessional or staff member that they thought exemplified the core values of respect, responsibility, compassion, justice, courage, integrity, hope, and wisdom every day.

For the 2014-15 school year, the recipients of this award were: (Raleigh)Judy Flannigan, Nicole Jensen, and Jen Ondrus ; (North Star) Erika Bergstedt, Kristy Filippini, Aundrea Kinziger, Amber Manion, and Carolyn Rich.

We are dedicated to the achievement of academic and personal excellence for every student. DECS academies include two Duluth locations:

DECS North Star Academy:
3301 Technology Drive (on Rice Lake Rd. at Technology Dr.)
Duluth, MN 55811
For grades K-8; Classes from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

DECS Raleigh Academy:
5905 Raleigh Street, Duluth, MN 55807
For grades K-5; Classes from 7:30 a.m.-3:00 p.m.

DECS North Star Academy Named MDE Reward School

Duluth -- North Star Academy has been named a 2013 Reward School by the Minnesota Department of Education, being recognized as a school in the top 15 percent of Title I schools based on their Multiple Measurement Rating.

The Multiple Measurement Rating tallies points based on proficiency, growth and achievement gap reduction based on the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments in math and reading.

"This recognition comes because of the hard work and dedication of our teachers, staff and students," said Bonnie Jorgenson, Head of School. "Our Mission is to be focused on the academic and personal excellence of every student. We believe that all students can grow in their math and reading skills and utilize our data to help that happen."

Click HERE to read the congratulatory letter from MDE Commissioner Dr. Brenda Cassellius

New RA Exapnsion
New RA Exapnsion
New DECS Building - Front
New DECS Building - Back

The DECS North Star and Raleigh Academies

DECS has continued to grow within the Duluth community. As a result, we have made several facility expansions and improvements including the building of our new facility at 3301 Technology Drive, Duluth and the upgrades to our 5905 Raleigh Street, Duluth location.

We are excited about the opportunities these changes have given to our students and faculty!

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Second Decade of Excellence

Duluth Edison Charter Schools is proudly into its second decade of celebrating excellence in education for our students, families and community. We are committed to engaging families in their children's education at school and in the home. The DECS Parent Advisory Council further empowers family members to work with their children and participate in shaping our programs and practices.

Many do not realize that DECS is tuition-free*. Our Schools are free to all students throughout the community regardless of their school district and educational needs. We serve children from kindergarten through eighth grade.

DECS offers a longer school day. Every day students spend more time on the basics. For example, 90 minutes on reading and 60 minutes on math in the K-5 schools. More time is spent on small group participation. There's more time with hands-on science, language and arts. Students at DECS receive the opportunity to be given more individualized instruction!

*(Students must reside in Minnesota)