Volume #2 - Edition # 4

Walk 27 by ???
North Star student, Autumn Villegas, wanted to honor those who died in the Sandy Hook school in Newton, Connecticut; she helped to organize the Walk 27. Autumn found out about the walk 27. She felt really strongly about honor those who died. She said “I wanted to show support for US citizens”.
The Walk 27 was to support the people who died in the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting. The walk 27 was created by Autumn Villages, Mr. Lindberg, Ms. Jorgenson, Haley Fossen, and Elcey Kimball. The walk was for showing support of the victims of the Sandy Hook shooting. The organization was at North Star Academy in the gym. The walk was to show support for the Sandy Hook School. The walk was on December 21, 2012; but the shooting was a week before that on December 14, 2012. Autumn said “ I wanted to show support for US citizens.”

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