The DECS North Star Academy

The DECS North Star Academy is located at 3301 Technology Drive - at the intersection of Technology Drive and Rice Lake Road - next to United Health Care and Snowflake Ski Area.

Our new facility that opened September 7, 2011, has 90,000 square feet of multi-level space, serving up to 900 students Kindergarten through Eighth Grade. The building is temperature and humidity controlled for excellent air quality and comfort. The school also has a regulation-size gymnasium, specialist rooms, computer labs, and a library and is handicapped accessible. The new facility offers all the latest construction techniques designed for a stimulating educational environment based on friendliness, openness, comfort and enhanced learning. The new Academy is a combination of Elementary and Junior levels which have designated sections within the building.

Our computer/technology curriculum has been greatly enhanced with seven new computer labs, three of which are portable for ease of use. With the wireless set-up throughout the Academy the traveling computer lab can be used anywhere in the building. Furthermore, additional computers are located in rooms within the expanded special education space.

The band classroom has been greatly expanded and has been given a massive update that will further stimulate students’ learning and creativity. The art and science room upgrades are more enjoyable for both the staff and students as they are provided with these wonderful areas to explore their upper most potentials. The physical education, art, music, band and choir curriculums have been upgraded as well. The new gym gives DECS new sports opportunities with the ability to schedule home games.

The cafeteria and lunchroom area are strategically situated in an open atmosphere with the main doors front entrance. The DECS food service offers an improved system for serving the students with more healthy foods for breakfast and lunch, a DECS priority for its students. (Please visit our Meals Menu on our home page) The room setting gives a feeling of ease and openness during meal times.

There are two playgrounds at the back of the facility designed for K-2 students on one and Grades 3-8 on the other. The philosophy promoted at DECS is that playtime for students is very important to the school day and is a big part of the learning environment.

One of the most notable changes for all is the ease of environmental control from one section to another throughout the building. The temperature and humidity control makes for a more comfortable place for staff and students alike. Additionally, the color schemes throughout the building are unique, bright and fun which work together with the goal of enhanced learning. Bright circle rugs are included in many of the classrooms with relative themes.

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The DECS North Star Academy Public Open House 2011

Please click here to view the video, see photos, and hear student comments from the NSA Public Open House.

DECS North Star Academy Photos

Here are the latest images from the North Star Academy building. Please click on a thumbnail for a larger image.
Images taken: September, 2011