Weather Closings

Weather closing will be posted here or you can call our DECS main phone lines as listed below for a message about school closings. Keep informed on the latest via media updates as suggested here, or by continuing your call to DECS as instructed below.

  • North Star Academy: (218) 728-9556
  • Raleigh Academy: (218) 628-0697

Rural Buses on Plowed Roads Only and Coverage Map

Emergency School Closing and Cold Weather Guidelines...

For snow days, Duluth Edison Charter Schools will follow the decision of the other Duluth Public Schools. When such a decision is made, local news media cooperate by broadcasting information about such closing. We will also change our phone messages to reflect this news.

The decision to close schools due to severe weather is made prior to 6 a.m. Unless you hear an announcement over local radio stations that schools are closed, schools will be open.

Parents/Guardians who feel that severe weather conditions threaten their child's safety even if school remains open, may choose to keep their student at home. The absence of children in inclement weather will be considered the same as any absence for other legitimate causes, providing proper parental notice is given to the school.

If another emergency requires closing of the school, local news media will be informed. We will also change the phone message at our buildings to reflect the school closure.

School closing information is generally broadcast on the following stations and their affiliates: